Georgian Bay

The Georgian Bay and its Musky Fishery

The Georgian Bay is an awesome sized body of water attached to the east side of Lake Huron and referred to as "The Sixth Great Lake". With depths in some sections of the bay reaching beyond three hundred feet of water it is truly a trout water. But with "trout water" comes truly huge Muskys. Take for instance, Ken O'Brian's 65lb. record fish taken from the Black Stone Harbour of Moon River, Georgian Bay and Martin Williamson's 61lb. 4oz. giant from the Honey Harbour area. The largest Musky captured by Mills Musky Guide Service to date is a 56 x 27 inch, 50.5lb. (approx) fish. This take happened November 2, 2001 by client Todd Booth in the famed Black Stone Harbour of Moon River on a black and brass Georgian Bayt.

The "Musky" water at Georgian Bay is found primarily on the east coast of the Bay and along the North Channel that connects Georgian Bay with Lake Huron. With about 230 linear miles of fishy coast, this translates into hundreds of miles of fishable water when including points, bays, channels, islands and reefs. The Muskys that inhabit these waters are natural, wild Riverine fish, meaning they are of the highest quality genetics; capable of surpassing 60lbs. in weight.

Please note that there is a trade for huge, natural, wild riverine fish. That trade is quality over quantity. Size over numbers. Multiple fish days do occur (I've experienced 2, five-fish days) but if action is your objective, you should choose another body of water. Remember, quality, not quantity.

The Georgian bay has the ability to produce large fish all season long. Heavy weights can be caught at any time. July 12, 2007 I boated Scott Aiello's 51 ½ x 26 ¼ inch 45 pounder!

See you on the bay!